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POKEDEX-Have you ever opened the Pokedex and seen various pokemons. If not then do so!!!!!!
Hurry!!!!! Do you want to miss all the fun? Don’t you want to explore all the types of pokemon and enter into their magical world?
Through the pokedex you can explore various kinds of pokemon and their attacks. The pokedex provides you with all the information of over 400 pokemon. Through the “ADVANCED SEARCH” option you can find loads of interesting facts about any pokemon with just one click. You can even see their evolution forms and the colourful pictures of various pokemons help you to have even more fun. Here are some people’s views:
Carl- I found it exciting to know about every pokemon’s attacks especially PSYDUCK.
         He is a supercool pokemon and this site’s pokedex has brought him close to me.
Ian- I love this site and its pokedex.
So when will you start having fun? FREE POKEMON COLOURING PAGES-
This site provides you free pokemon colouring pages also which will help you to enter into the pokemon world. Colouring your favorite pokemon like pikachu, charizard and bulbasaur will help you spend your time in etreme fun and joy. Some people who have done it have found it an excellent way to come close to pokemon. Here are their views=
Carl- oh cheese!!its awesome. I found it great colouring my favourite pokemon Farfetch’d.

Larry- this site is excellent.

Catherine- oh!!! I love this  site and its colouring pages. It takes me into the world of pokemon.

These are a few examples of young boys and girls who found this site’s colouring pages fantastic and are still finding it exciting. So start colouring your favourite pokemon and have loads of fun.
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